2017-2018 Cheerleading

Coach Marlena Lawrence


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Assistant Coach: Amy Millican


LaFayette Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts

Cheerleading tryouts at LaFayette Middle School will be held May 4th beginning at 3:30 p.m.  The tryout clinic will be held April 30th-May 3rd from 3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.  The tryout clinic and final tryouts will be held in the gym at LaFayette Middle School.  Candidates must attend the tryout clinic in order to be considered for the team and participate in the final tryouts.  All candidates must meet eligibility requirements based on first semester grades, attendance, and discipline. Each candidate must submit the following paperwork by the first day of the tryout clinic: (1) Tryout Permission Form, (2) current Sports Physical, (3) LMS Cheerleading Policies Agreement form (4) copy of proof of insurance, (5) copy of report card (6) Agreement to Transport Students form, (7) Field Trip Permission Form, and (8) Concussion Awareness Form.

All candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria by a panel of judges:

~tumbling (standing back handspring and round off back handspring strongly encouraged for competitive cheerleading)

~jumps (single toe touch and triple sequence-toe touch, hurdler, pike)

~cheer            ~facials  ~attitude     ~cooperation ~enthusiasm     ~spirit ~chant ~dance

~motions            ~stunting

Everyone is expected to be on time and dressed in the appropriate attire for the clinic (gym-shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes).  Hair must be worn up and out of the face. NO jewelry of ANY kind is allowed. Tryout attire will consist of solid black shorts and white t-shirt (no logos) with appropriate shoes.

All paperwork MUST be completed and submitted by April 27th.  Candidates will not be allowed to participate in the tryout clinic if the proper paperwork has not been submitted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to seeing you at tryouts.

Coach Marlena Lawrence

706-638-6440 (school)

LMS Cheerleading Tryout Forms

LMS Cheerleading Tryout Material & Team Posting

The 2018-2019 LMS Cheerleading team will be posted Friday, May 4thby 6:30 p.m. at

Sideline:“Tigers Yell It”

*Change Tigers to Ramblers

*Ripples will depend on your sideline placement 

Cheer:  “Go UCA”



*Change UCA to LMS, change blue to black, change gold to orange

*Ripples will depend on your sideline placement 




*Ripples will depend on your sideline placement


2017-2018 LaFayette Middle School Cheerleading Team

Carlie Bird-Football, & Basketball

Allie Cameron- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Rayden Chastain- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Chloe Cobb- Football, Basketball, & Competition Alternate

Kira Crowe- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Tara Deal-Football & Basketball

Haley Fisher- Football & Competition

Maggie Green-Football

Natalie Horn- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Ansley Lawson- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Macy Lumpkin- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Kenna Massey- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Janie Pickard- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Aubryanna Price-Football, Basketball, & Competition

Tanner Rodgers- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Rebecca Scoggins- Football, Basketball, & Competition

Katie Vinyard- Football & Basketball

Bella Walden- Football, Basketball, & Competition Alternate

Tori Willingham- Football, Basketball, & Competition Alternate

The LaFayette Middle School Cheerleading Team recently completed Universal Cheerleaders Association Camp at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  The team earned squad credentialing through safety, crowd leader, spirit raiser, ambassador, athlete, entertainer, and leadership courses.  LMS Cheerleaders were awarded the Spirit Stick the first and second days of camp.  The head coach and assistant coach earned course completion through coaching clinics.  The team was given a gold superior ribbon for cheer, a gold superior ribbon for sideline, and a blue superior ribbon for dance.  The team also earned “Best Facials” during a competition with eight other teams.  On the last day of camp, the team won 1st place in Sideline, 2nd place in Cheer, 2nd place in Xtreme Routine, and 3rd place overall in large division.  They were also invited to participate in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.  Natalie Horn, Janie Pickard, Tanner Rodgers, Haley Fisher, Rayden Chastain, and Kira Crowe were chosen to compete for All-American Cheerleader.
Pictured below from Left to Right:  Assistant Coach Amy Millican, Captain Janie Pickard, Tori Willingham, Bella Walden, Captain Rayden Chastian, Tara Deal, Ansley Lawson, Allie Cameron, Kenna Massey, Haley Fisher, Natalie Horn, Kira Crowe, Chloe Cobb, Carlie Bird, Aubry Price, Macy Lumpkin, Tanner Rodgers, Katie Vinyard, Head Coach Marlena Lawrence, Maggie Green and Rebecca Scoggins