Eligibility Information


 Athletic Eligibility (Directly from the NGAC constitution)

Section 1.          An athlete has three (3) years eligibility; only one (1) year eligibility as an actual eighth grader. A retained student whose name appears on any NGAC sport roster is ineligible to play any sport during their second year in that grade. To participate an athlete must not reach age 15 prior to May 1st preceding his or her year of participation.

Section 2.          An athlete that competes at the high school level in a sport may not participate in the NGAC league in that sport.

Section 3.          Each athlete must be academically eligible to participate in athletics according to the rules set forth by the local school board policy for middle school students.

Section 4.          Any coach or player ejected from a contest will sit out the remainder of that contest and the next official league contest grade and sport specific. The coach ejected must remain off the premises for the duration of the official league contest. Notifications of all ejections must be faxed or emailed, within forty-eight (48) hours, to the NGAC President by the Athletic Director of the school where the ejection took place.

Section 5.          An appeal can be made by the school principal or the A.D. for eligibility/Hardship of a student-athlete. These hardships will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the athletic directors or school official.

Section 6.          No eighth grader will be permitted to play junior varsity (jv) in any sport. The result of an eighth grader found playing at the jv level will result in a forfeit of the next varsity game. If more games, matches, scrimmages, or play days exceed the maximum number allowed per the league by-laws the next league event scheduled for that particular sport will be a forfeit.